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A Favorite Tool

March is a good time to divide perennials. To do so, dig around perennials and lift clumps. Divide clumps and replant the new divisions at the original growing depth. The hoe/cultivator shown below is the perfect tool for dividing perennials … Continue reading

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Cool Weather Vegetables

It’s time to plant your cool weather vegetables!  Vegetables that can handle cool days include broccoli, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, and onions. Come by the Catbird Seat and take a look at our vegetable selection.

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Free FLAT of Pansies with purchase of $50 or more. While supply lasts!

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A Perennial for the Winter garden

Even with recent over night temperatures in the teens, there is a perennial flower in bloom in the garden, Helleborus.

Helleborus is an evergreen plant that blooms for several months in winter and spring. Plant in partial to full shade in good soil amended with organic material.

Flowers stay attractive for a long time and can be used in cut arrangements; sear ends of stems or dip in boiling water, then place in deep, cold water.

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Camellias in Bloom

  Camellia x ‘Crimson Candles‘ flowering in our greenhouses. The eye catching flame-like crimson flower buds and rose-pink flowers appear in February & March. Ht. 10′-12′, Width 6′-8′. Sun to Part Shade. Moist, acidic soils. Hardy in USDA zones 7-9. … Continue reading

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Red Sale

Valentines’ Day Red Sale 14% off ANYTHING RED from today through 14 February! Come do your Valentine shopping.

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The Sound Of Music: Wind Chimes

Add some soothing music to your garden with one of our wind chimes.  We have a variety of wind chime styles from leading brands such as Corithian Bells Wind Chimes. Let the wind play a little music for you!

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Valentine’s Day Flags Are Here!

Toland Flags for  Valentine’s Day have arrived. We have lots of other new flags in stock, too. Come see!

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