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What's on the Agenda?

JULY is a great time to...

  • Mow regularly…. as often as every 5 days if it been fertilized heavily.
  •  Water lawns deeply to encourage deep rooting. Wait until you see signs of stress... like footprints when you walk across the lawn... then water.
  •  Control broad-leaf weeds in lawn with appropriate post-emergent herbicide.
  • Finish all azalea pruning and fertilizing by July 4th.
  • As crape myrtle flowers fade and Seed pods form... pinch them off to encourage blooming.
  • Water tomatoes regularly and pick often.
  • Watch out for insects on your roses, azaleas, and gardenias. Apply Merit to prevent damage to the foliage of these plants. 
  • Water tomatoes often as the heat increases to insure good production. 
  • If annuals like impatience have grown tall and Spindly... Cut back by 2 inches and fertilize.

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