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Our very own custom guide to a year-round beautiful garden

garden like a pro

We hope you can take this knowledge and apply it to your own garden. These cheat sheets are designed for our local climate (North Alabama) and will guide you on making decisions throughout the year. 


January marks the beginning of the dormant season for many plants.
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In February, North Alabama gardeners continue to prepare for the upcoming spring season.
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March heralds the onset of active gardening in North Alabama as temperatures begin to rise.
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April in North Alabama signals the full swing of gardening season.
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May in North Alabama is a bustling time for gardeners, marked by the peak of planting and cultivating activities.
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June in North Alabama is a period of flourishing gardens, with warm temperatures promoting vigorous growth.
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July in North Alabama presents gardening challenges with the heat, requiring diligent watering and attention to plant hydration.
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In August, North Alabama gardeners navigate the peak of summer, addressing the challenges of heat and potential drought.
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September in North Alabama marks the transition from summer to fall gardening.
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October in North Alabama is a dynamic period for gardening as cooler temperatures prevail.
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November in North Alabama signals the winding down of the gardening season.
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December in North Alabama brings a quiet phase to gardening as winter settles in.
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