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What's On The Agenda?

Things you could or should be doing in your garden in…

… December

Be mindful of the weather; make sure plants, especially potted plants, are protected if the weather is extra cold. Old sheets and blankets work well for protecting plants from the worst of the cold. If significantly cold for an extended period, consider moving potted plants into an unheated garage for the duration of the cold snap.

Keep houseplants moist without over-watering. If by a drafty window or door, move to a more sheltered spot in the house until the weather begins to warm up.

With lower overall light levels and shorter days, houseplants may need supplemental lighting to keep them healthy and happy; a full-spectrum bulb is best, but any increased light levels will be appreciated by your plants. Turn houseplants by 90 degrees weekly to help prevent them growing at odd angles as they reach toward the light.

With the shorter days and cooler temps, houseplants need less fertilizer; too much fertilizer at this time can result in weak, leggy growth.

If you have a real tree for Christmas, be sure to check and re-fill water reservoirs weekly so the tree doesn’t dry out excessively. Increased needle drop is a sign of a tree in need of moisture.

Poinsettias, Christmas cactus and wreaths make festive gifts! But be aware, some of these can be toxic to pets, and should be kept out of reach of pets as a precaution.

Merry Christmas from The Catbird Seat Garden Center!!



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