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What's On The Agenda?

Things you could or should be doing in your garden in…

… October

Prepare for the forth-coming colder weather and watch temperatures in case you have to protect tender plants.

Before adding lime to you lawn or garden, test the soil to be sure amendment is necessary; a pH test will confirm if and how much lime you need to add.

Over-seed fescue lawns at the rate of 5-10 pounds per 1000sqft, and keep moist for two weeks to insure germination; core-aerate and add gypsum to all lawn areas to improve drainage and enhance the ability to withstand drought.

Halloween to Thanksgiving is the best time to transplant trees and shrubs into new homes in your landscape and garden.

Pruning should be done only to remove wayward branches, or diseased/dead/damaged wood at this time; too much pruning will stimulate growth that will not have time to harden off before the cold.

Clean up debris from all garden areas, especially in areas where diseases or fungus were prevalent, or drought stress affected plant growth.

Plant pansies now so they can establish an extensive root system before the cold weather sets in. This is also an excellent time to plant mums.

After planting, be sure mums and pansies are receiving enough water; while temperatures are lower, rainfall may be scarce, so supplemental watering may be needed.

Fertilize pansies every two weeks with a liquid fertilizer to help them establish before the cold weather moves in.

Move frost-tender plants that have been grown outside into a shady spot before moving them inside; this will help condition them for the lower light indoors. A systemic insecticide should also be applied to begin killing any lingering insects.

Lift and divide tubers of dahlias, caladium, and tender-foliaged plants (elephant ears, cannas); cut stalks back to several inches above the tuber, shake off soil and let dry before storing.

Plant garlic, spinach, mustard greens, turnips, onion sets and kale in the fall garden.

Harvest herbs like basil right up until frost, then freeze minced basil with water in ice cube trays instead of drying to have available for ‘fresh’ use all winter long.

Save seeds from favorite perennials, such as cone-flower and black eyed susan, then cut back the flower stalks to just above the crown.



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